At The Create(HER) Life, we get unapologetically close to our client's businesses. For us, we are not just creating a logo, designing your website, or managing your social media. In our eyes, we are crafting strategy-based solutions and services that will help you reach the next level and accomplish your dreams. 


Internal Communications + Branding

The CreateHER Life  has handled internal communications for over 10+ years, including:

+Change/Transformation Projects

+All Employee Meetings (Presentation Design and Event Execution)

+Executive Communications

+Mergers and Acquisition Employee Communications

+Workplace issues


+ Branding Consultation

+ Brand Audit

+ Brand Identity & Asset Design

+ Brand Photography

Web Design

+ Website Audit

+ Shopify E-Commerce Website Design & Development

+ Website Design & Development

+ Wordpress E-Commerce Website Design & Development

Writing & Marketing

+ Social Media Asset Design

+ Copywriting

+ Power Point / Keynote Presentation Design

+ Video Production

+ Press Kit Development




We Talk

With each client, we conduct an initial 90 minute engagement call. On this call, we get to know your business, goals, and passions. We dive deep and ask the questions you may have not thought of to ensure that we understand your mission, values, audience and brand story.


We Propose

Then, we get to work--- developing a first draft of deliverables. From a website to a press release, we host milestone meetings to talk through progress and what needs to be revised.


We Strategize

Post our discussion, our team will draw up an execution strategy. as well as a creative brief that contains preliminary mood boards and branding guidelines to ensure that we have a solid direction.


We Deliver

Once the final product is approved, we deliver you the product with all of the assets used to create. We do not hold any pieces of your creation hostage; from images to fonts we will gladly load them in a folder for you to download. For websites, we assist in launch and provide login information & a platform tutorial.