CLIENT: Leading Like a Girl

Client: Errin Baugh (Currently CIO for the City of Atlanta)


Errin Baugh is the CEO of Leading Like A Girl and the Author of the book Get in the Driver's Seat. Errin has retained CHL to create an  online and offline brand experience around her book.

Project Timeline

Long Term | 6 months

Open Roles:

Web Designer 

($725/$25 per hour/14 hours a month/3.5 hours a week) 

  • Expand the current Leading Like a GIrl website to include information about Errin, calendar of speaking events, page dedicated to upcoming conference (including e-commerce check out) . Additionally, include information from www.errinbaugh.com not yet on the site within the site. 
  • Shut down and redirect www.errinbaugh.com to the Leading Like a Girl website 
  • Current Leading Like a Girl Website: https://www.errinbaughevents.com/


$725 project total

  • $181.25 June 15
  • $181.25 July 1
  • $181.25 July 15
  • $181.25 August 1 


Graphic Designer 

($1000/$22 per hours/21.4 hours a month/5.35 hours a week)

  • Design banners for Twitter and Facebook
  • Create Mailchimp newsletter template
  • Create Instagram aesthetic for the brand 
  • Create event collateral for the 2018 Leading Like A Girl Mini Conference---taking place in October
    • Registration signs
    • 1 pager overview
    • 3 Worksheets
    • Get in the Driver's Seat mini manual (less than 5 page guide) 


$1000 project total

  • $166.66 June 15
  • $166.66 July 1
  • $166.66 July 15
  • $166.66 August 1 
  • $166.66 August 15
  • $166.66 September 1


($1400/$20 per hour/23 hours a month/5 hours a week)

Errin is looking for fun and exhilarating language to light up her website as well as her collateral for her upcoming retreat. The copywriter hired for this job must use out of the box thinking to promote her unique 1 day mini conference which will be limited to just 5 women and take place in a luxury tree house located in Atlanta, GA

$1400 project total

  • $175 June 15
  • $175 July 1
  • $175 July 15
  • $175 August 1 
  • $175 August 15
  • $175 September 1
  • $175 September 15



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CLIENT: Buzz Next Door (South Africa) 

Client: Sandra Atkins (Currently CFO for IBM South Africa) 

Sandra is currently in the beginning stages of creating an app that will rival Facebook --- and she will be focusing on building her app for the South Africa market first. 

The app will allow users to create Groups (rooms) --- similar to Facebook on any subject they would like. It will be a great place for you to meet a "tribe" or for your "tribe' to meet. Each user can decorate their space in their room how they would like --- truly making this digital space their own. 

Sandra is going to be working with CHL for the next 6 months to finish the front end aesthics for the website and then create and influencer campaign to get influencers, in South Africa, to get on board with using the tool and get their audiences to follow. 

Our goal is for the site to gain 30 strong influencers by the end of month 4 and 1000 users overall by the end of month 6. 

A user is someone the signs up for an account on the website 

Project Timeline

Long Term | 6 months | June 15-October 1


Open Roles:

Web/Graphic Designer 

($4000/$33 per hour/20 hours a month/5 hours a week) 

For Sandra's project the website is already designed. We will need a graphic designer who can:

  • Assess the current aesthetics on the website and bring the front end aesthetics together to truly drive a visually appealing look and feel to the site that is consistent. Your role will be strictly to activate the visuals of the website when needed. 
  • Own the creation of the branding look and feel for the influencer campaign
    • Development of landing page
    • Mailchimp Template
    • E Postcard
    • Social Media Graphic Designs (5) 
    • Signage for Event
    • 1 page over collateral
    • Powerpoint template
    • Business Cards



$4000 project total

  • $312.5 June 15
  • $312.5 July 1
  • $312.5 July 15
  • $312.5  August 1 
  • $312.5 August 15
  • $312.5 September 1
  • $312.5 September 15
  • $312.5 October 1 




For the influencer campaign as well as the website Sandra will need a copywriter that knows the social media influencer world well and can attract interest with using the right phrasing and buzz words. The compywriter will be responsible for writing: 

  • Campaign Narrative
  • Phrases for online campaign advertisemen
  • Writing two Letter from Sandra to the Influencers
  • Creating the copy for event signage and collateral 

$1400 project total

  • $175 June 15
  • $175 July 1
  • $175 July 15
  • $175 August 1 
  • $175 August 15
  • $175 September 1
  • $175 September 1



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CLIENT: DisruptHER ($50) 

DisruptHER is a current client of The CreateHER Life. We are closing out the build of a membership site for the brand.

One Role Opened:

Project Management

We currently have one jo that falls into project management. 

We have created a 21 day journal that needs to be printed. 

In this job you would need to: 

-Source the printer

-Send the printer the specs for the journal

-Manage the print job and ensure they send the journals ASAP.


Pay For Job: $50

Pay Out in Full +  Immediate 

Name *


CLIENT: 44MGT  ($400 )

44MGT is owned and operated by Rodd Newhouse, the son of former Dallas Cowboy's player Robert Newhouse. Rodd currently has is own wealth management business and wants to upgrade his current brand (which can be seen here: http://44mgmt.com/) 

Short Term | 2 Weeks | June 15-July 1

Open Role: 

Jr. Graphic Designer ($400) 

The role of the Jr. graphic designer will be to develop the overall brand direction for 44MGT. This includes: 

  • Development of Moodboard

  • Development of Brand Guidelines similar to: https://www.thelogocreative.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/7ba7ff20bca49ad3819b12d96f3a348d-design-typo-design-branding.jpg

  • Present overall look and feel to client 


  • $200 July 1
  • $200 July 15



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CLIENT: Mike House  ($175) 

Mike House Speaks is a NEW You Tube channel by a young professional named Michael House. Mike is just beginning his brand and he needs an expanded landing page website with the following areas: 

  • Home 
  • About Me
  • Mike House Speaks / How to Work with Mike
  • Book Mike House


Short Term | 2 Weeks | June 15-July 15


Open Roles Web Designer


$175 project total

  • $87.5 July 1
  • $87.5 July 15



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