Why is branding as an author important?

Branding is one of the most important aspects of any business, large or small, and the writing industry is no exception. An effective brand strategy gives authors a major edge in the increasingly competitive market.

While book prices continue to fluctuate, exposure remains the most valuable commodity in the book industry. With over 6 million books on the market, it’s almost impossible to get discovered, and incredibly simple to be forgotten.


 Antoinette Cheek | Founder, CHL Designs

Antoinette Cheek | Founder, CHL Designs

So how can CHL help?

Since I opened CHL in 2015 we have activated the branding for numerous female authors — each at a different points of their writing journey. Each year in December I take a look at projects we have worked on and the feedback we have received. In the past 6 months I have had an overwhelming request from women in the midst of writing a book or have just completed a book to help them through the branding process.

As a creative agency dedicated to helping drive the growth of women owned businesses I can see no better way to kick of 2019 than helping women spread their written word and penetrate the globe.

That is why we are kicking off CHL Author Project.

Under this project CHL will be dedicating the first 10 weeks in 2019 to 8 authors in helping them brand their book.

Below you will find more information.

As you will see below, we have a variety of packages from you to choose from. Additionally, take time to meet the team of ladies that will be assisting you though the process.

I have gathered top graphic designers, copywriters, and event planners to be your personal team to ensure that you and your book get discovered and are never.




Choose a package that best fits you!

Please note we will only take 8 authors for this project. reserve your spot today.

Say hello to E.L., Toni + Michelle :)

1. E.L.

$279 a month | $250 to get started

Perfect For First-Time Authors with a limited budget

In 2011 E.L. James self-published 50 Shades of Grey on Today she has created a dynasty. A small purse doesn’t mean that you can’t make a big change. Let us help.

(The total package is $3600. You can choose to make one payment or select our payment plan - $279 a month for 12 months. Please note the actual project will run 4 weeks)

2. Toni

$539 a month | $1000 to get started

(This is the most popula package)

Perfect for authors wanting to relaunch a book

Toni Morrison has authored numerous books. A fan favorite, Beloved has been reprinted over 13 times. Toni is the perfect package for an author who has previously published a book but has made a few tweaks and is now ready to invest in a relaunch.

(The total package is $7468. You can choose to make one payment or select our payment plan - $539 a month for 12 months. Please note the actual project will run 6 weeks.)

3. Michelle

$1175 a month | $1500 to get started

In 2016 Michelle Obama began writing her first book. In 2018 she is bringing down arenas with the launch of Becoming. The planning of her book from the build up to her first email blast was well choreographed and has her sitting at the top of the Best Seller List. As a fist time author we want to you to fly —- not flop. Let CHL help you become #1.


Case Study: How we created her life.

This past summer, CEO of Leading Like a Girl, Errin Baugh, wrote a book entitled "Get in the Driver's Seat". As the ink dried on the last word she knew that wanted to have a book launch party to celebrate this milestone. However, she didn't want this to be your average party, she wanted to ensure this event gave her substantial ROI.

So she reached out to CHL to provide strategic digital and event branding.