E.L. Project

E.L. Project


Only 3% of all U.S. Creative Directors are women -- out of that .80% are women of color.

In a world where women influence upwards of 80% of consumer spending and 60% of social media sharing, this is business suicide. The CreateHER Life is at the helm of changing this narrative -- through hiring a majority females, in particular females of color to create dynmaic brand experiences for women entreprneurs. 

On July 5, CHL will have the opportunity to introduce the creative world to more than 60 collegiate women of color and we want our showing to be OUTSTANDING. For far too long women of color creatives have been told that their creativity had a box ---and a glass ceiling. On July 5 I want to create an experience that showcases them above the glass ceiling and that women of color creatives do not belong in a box. 

Your donation will go to making this possible. While we are not a non-profit we seek to serve and solve for how do we our part to grow beyond the .8%

For donations $500+ you will receive a FREE customize design website by us.

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