Brandsplain: Don't Be A Victim

Brandsplain: Don't Be A Victim

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Have you ever had your business introduced to you?

Sounds weird, but think about it. Here is an example:

Have you ever been introduced to someone else at a conference, by a colleague —- and when they are introducing you —- and what you YOU do —- its just sounds wrong…like really wrong. And you are thinking “Thats not what I do? That is not what my business is about! Do you even know me??”.

Well you just got brandsplained.

Its cool. It happens to the best of us — but its not ideal. So how do you stop it?

You get crystal clear about how to communicate and market youe brand. Not sure how? Thats where we come in.

We are here to talk and feed you ideas to execute. (In some worlds its called coaching—but we hate that word…soo..) So often people want to protect the knowledge they know — not us.

Set up time with us and lets chat. Any ideas that come flowing are yours to keep. We even record the session and send it to you!

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So how does this whole thing work. 

1)Choose how much or how little you want to chat with us. You can purchase 60 min, 180 min or 300 min and guess what---you can use them anytime and they never run out. So if you want to set-up a brandsplain session for 47 minutes one day---you can! (But maybe round  up to 50min just for our sanity sake--we like even numbers :) ).

2)All sessions are completed via video conference. Why? Because our sessions are truly interactive. We like to show you examples, sketch things out and truly connect. Plus we record all of our sessions to you can have the ideas we discussed right at our finger tips! 

3)What's the first step? Purchase your minutes. Once your make your purchase your minutes you receive an email from our team welcoming you getting inputs on the date/time that will work best for you and also instructions on how to get connected for your sessions.