When we launched our goal was simple: To provide small businesses and entrepreneurs with big business branding.

Since opening in July 2016 The Create(HER) Life has done just that serving more than 75 clients over the past 3 years.

As we have grown, we have had the opportunity to work with amazing clients. These have included Fortune 500 companies, celebrity designers, top ranking African American females in Corporate America, and large conferences.

As we have evolved we have opened our doors to not only small businesses but corporations as well — providing big businesses with bold branding to fit their highly competitive markets with personalized and 1:1 care. Learn more about CHL Designs.

However, we are not just here for our clients. We are here for our follow create(HER)s as well. As an agency, our goal is to hire, develop and execute projects with a majority women.  

The reason? 

Women control a whopping 80% of consumer spending, yet only 3% of creative directors are female. We want to change this narrative. 

So we are. How? Each project at CHL is run by a team where the majority are women creatives.

Welcome to The Create(HER) Life. 





Antoinette Cheek

Antoinette is a boss - period. She has spent 10 years leading communications for companies such as GE and PepsiCo. Today she brings her corporate expertise in creative services to clients through the ownership of The Create(HER) Life.

She Speaks. Learn More



Ashley Littles

Ashley is a writer & brandstory coach who partners with women entrepreneurs + businesses to connect their message with heart-beating members of their tribe

Having never met a message she couldn’t convey, Ashley has spent nine years crafting direct-response copy that educates, influences, and converts. She is pro-woman and anti-overwhelm .

We also employ an extended team of well-qualified Create(HER)s including designers, social media specialists, copywriters, photographers and app developers. 




We wish that each client that came to CHL worked in a different industry, with a different target audience and products. But the truth is, sometimes we find potential clients with similar brands that want to partner with CHL.

The question is what do we do to ensure that each of those clients accounts are not compromised and we are delivering the best and most competitive branding that takes into consider THEIR best interest. We want to let you know that we operate with the utmost sense of integrity. How do we make that actionable inside our agency?

First, we have formal internal guidelines that strictly prohibits contractors and employees from discussing competitive accounts with each other.  Moreover, the consequences of not following this guideline are swift, severe, and visible.  

Second, our operational infrastructure is designed in a way that establishes mini-agencies within the our larger agency.  In other words, if one agency serves two competing clients, each client has its own dedicated team of account managers, creative staff, market researchers, etc.  

We hope that this gives you brief insight into how we operate and that you feel your brand, ideas and intellectual property are safe at CHL.